Best Ways to Lose Stomach Fat

There’s no question a toned tummy looks great, but having abs that are strong is important for physical benefits. If your lower back, abdominal and oblique muscles are strong, the likelihood of lower back issues is considerably lessened. That being said, having strong core muscles will result in improved posture which will also make you look more confident.

By far, one of the best ways to lose stomach fat is to do a lot of cardiovascular exercise. Here are some good examples said walking, swimming, jogging, bicycling, aerobics.

…any high-energy activities like, tennis, basketball and racquetball. Anything that gets your heart rate in the training zone and also keeps it there for a minimum of twenty minutes. This burns fat and conditions your heart.

As you lose the subcutaneous fat, you will find that your skin will be more taut. When the fat decreases within your muscles, you will be less flabby and more toned. The most important thing to think of is the cardio, five times each week!

The Key is to Make Your Body An Efficient Fat Burner!

These are the Largest Muscle Groups you need to Concentrate on: Buttocks, Front and back of thighs, Back, Triceps and biceps, Chest, Calves, Forearms, Hips, Shoulders.

Toning and cardiovascular exercise will improve and speed up the process, but you don’t need only to work out your abs. This is a misconception. The truth is it is necessary to work on all the large muscle groups, thereby increasing muscles mass. This will boost your metabolism substantially, making it much easier to lose stomach and overall weight.

Your muscles are going to need more calories. So it’s important that you eat more healthy food to feed your muscles NOT your trouble spots. Your heart will be well conditioned (from the cardiovascular work) so it will be much better form to burn calories. This is a great combination!

As the fat comes off your body, it will also come off your stomach. The fat on your body fat is just like an organ. That is why you can’t lose fat off just one spot, unless, of course you have liposuction.

As you are indirectly using your abs for all other exercises, it’s important to workout your abs at the end of your exercise routine. Working your abs first will make them tired, so the rest of your workout will not be as effective.

The following exercises are to be included with a healthy diet. It is important to eat the right foods that will increase your metabolism so as to burn fat faster.

Crunches by themselves will not give you great ab definition. There are moves that are specific for the abdominals and are important for a proper exercise plan. So make sure you do some cardio-jogging or jumping rope is good to burn calories. Do intervals of jogging then brisk walking for half an hour.

Often times when people think of “abs,” they think of the muffin top that droops over the top of pants that are too tight. The abdominals, however, are a set of muscles altogether known as the core. Included are all the muscles that are interconnected which go up the back and all the way down to the glutes and the inner and front thighs.

Medicine Ball - Push / Catch A

Targets: Triceps, shoulders, abs, legs and glutes

  1. Stand with your feet slightly more than the width of your shoulders.
  2. The medicine ball is in front of your feet on the floor.
  3. Squat, keep knees behind your toes, then grab the ball.
  4. Repeat 10 times.

Medicine Ball - Tap

Targets: Obliques, arms, abs

  1. Stand with your feet aligned with shoulders, knees being slightly bent, abs flexed, hold ball and extend arms in front of you at chest height. Stand two feet away from a wall.
  2. Slightly bend arms and then rotate your torso to the right until the ball touches the wall.
  3. Then rotate to the left and touch the wall, keeping your center engaged.
  4. Repeat 15 times and alternate sides.

Medicine Ball - Swing

Targets: Obliques, arms, abs

  1. Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder-width, with slightly bent knees, holding ball.
  2. Then squat and swing the ball between your legs behind you, immediately stand up and swing the ball up in front of you and straight overhead.
  3. Repeat 20 times.

Triceps Extension / Squat A

Targets: Abs, triceps, glutes

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold ball overhead.
  2. Squat, with knees behind your toes, while you bend elbows behind you, keep arms by your ears.

Lying Leg Raise

Targets: lower back, abs, hips

  1. Lie face-up on the floor with your legs together, hold ball with both your hands, arms overhead and elbows next to your ears.
  2. Engage your abs and lift both of your legs and your arms toward the ceiling. Just go as far as you can until you can go further.
  3. Lower legs slowly, keeping them together and straight, until around 12 inches from the floor.
  4. Repeat 20 times.